First grade

4 Describing our Garden

Objectives/Assessment Targets

Students will:

  • Write descriptive words about the garden.
  • Draw different things found in the garden.
  • Identify and document patterns in the garden.


  • Worksheet, Describing Our Garden on page 2 in student workbooks
  • Pencils and drawing materials

Activity Preparation

This is a reflective activity that helps students summarize what they learned in the garden. Use this lesson as a temperature check throughout the year or as a culmination at the end of the school year.

Activity 1: What Do You See, Hear, Smell, Feel

Test student understanding of lessons and activities explored already. Share several riddles with students and prompt them to guess the answer. For example, “I’m thinking of a plant that grows on vines. My plant provides us with large orange fruit, and you see my orange fruit in the month of October” (pumpkin).

Guide students on a Sensory Scavenger Hunt to explore the school garden using all five senses. Students observe what they find in the garden. Prompt students to discover patterns and think of words that describe what they see and what they have learned about what they see in past garden lessons.


What is a pattern, and where can we see a pattern in the garden?

Students write three words that describe the garden and draw two pictures of patterns they see in the garden in their worksheet, Describing Our Garden, page 2 in their workbook.


  • What do the plants in our garden look, smell, feel like?
  • What do the insects and animals in our garden look like?
  • What are other things you like that are in our garden?

NGSS Crosscutting Concept: Patterns

Patterns in the natural and human designed world can be observed, used to describe phenomena, and used as evidence.

NGSS Science/Engineering Practice 4: Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Record information (observations, thoughts, and ideas).

Student Reflection

What will you share about what you learned today at home? What was surprising about today’s lesson? What is the most surprising thing you learned this year in the garden?

English Language Learning (ELL) Focus: Past Tense

  • In the garden, I saw __________.
  • I heard __________.
  • I planted __________.
  • I ate __________.
  • I made __________.


University of Missouri Extension, Eating from the Garden, 2010



The content found in this demo chapter has been adapted from Berkeley Public Schools’ Gardening and Cooking Program via


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