What is IU Expand? How Do I Log In?


IU Expand is Indiana University’s portal to professional education. IU Expand delivers online courses to the IU community and the general public, including:

  • professional development
  • continuing education
  • certifications
  • special interest topics

IU Expand allows you to browse the catalog to find and enroll in non-credit and certificate-based courses.

Many courses are offered at no cost to the learner, while others have fees payable upon enrollment.

Many offerings are self-paced, self-study courses while others involve online or in-person sessions.

Why You Should Use IU Expand

Courses in IU Expand are developed by experts in their respective fields and feature state-of-the-art interactive online content and engagement tools.

Enroll in a class today and begin to:

  • Explore new areas of professional and personal interest
  • Discover exciting opportunities for career development
  • Grow your skills and areas of expertise

Start using IU Expand today

IU users

The IU Expand platform is available at no cost to all students, faculty, and staff with active IU accounts.

  • Go to the IU Expand login portal, click LOGIN. If prompted, authenticate using your IU credentials.
    • Note: Members of IU Canvas course sites will see their IU courses listed alongside their IU Expand courses.


Anyone in the general public can browse courses in the IU Expand catalog.

A non-IU user needs an  IU Guest account to enroll in IU Expand courses. IU Guest accounts are free to use and can be created as part of the course enrollment process in IU Expand.

  • If you do not already have an IU Guest account, go to the IU Expand login portal. Next to “Need an IU guest account?”, click ”Create one now”. After submitting your account information, you will receive a follow-up email with instructions for completing the account creation process.
  • If you already have an IU Guest account, go to the IU Expand login portal. Click LOGIN, then authenticate with your IU Guest account username and passphrase.


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