If you have questions about a course or its requirements, contact the course instructor or


For help with technical issues involving the IU Expand service, contact your campus Support Center.

IU Expand Refund Policy

IU Expand reserves the right to modify all courses, when necessary. If for any reason you are unhappy with a course or experience enrollment issues, please notify us by emailing

To request a refund of course fees, please complete the webform available at

Refund decisions are subject to final determination from the course’s host department. Please allow 5 business days for a decision to be made and the appropriate action to be taken.

Courses that reflect registrant completion are generally nonrefundable. The catalog owner may charge an administrative fee, as published on the course page, to process a refund. This fee is taken from the total refund amount.

Contact if you have not received a response to your refund request within the allotted time frame of 5 full business days or with any questions or concerns regarding the refund process.

Enrollment issues

Student Can’t Enroll in a Course or Program

If you experience difficulty enrolling in an IU Expand course, contact

Student Wants to be Un-enrolled in a Course

If you wish to be un-enrolled from a course, contact the course instructor and ask for them to remove you.

Student Wants to Re-enroll in a Course

If you have previously taken a course and wish to re-enroll in the same course, contact the instructor and ask to have your previous enrollment discontinued so that you may re-enroll in the class.




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