CACR leadership team, staff, and fellows

CACR’s chief asset is its knowledgeable and dedicated administration, staff, fellows, and students. CACR prides itself on the professional diversity of its staff, each with unique skills and experiences that contribute to its expertise. CACR staff is made up of people from all disciplines, including computer science, informatics, accounting and information systems, criminal justice, law, organizational behavior, and public policy.  

CACR Leadership Team

CACR Director, IU Executive Director for Cybersecurity Innovation, and Associate Vice President for Information Security Von Welch has more than a decade of experience developing, deploying, and providing cybersecurity for private and public sector high-performance computing and distributed computing systems. 

Senior Project Manager Kelli Shute serves as executive director of Trusted CI and supports ResearchSOC and CACR’s election security engagement with the state of Indiana. She has more than 15 years of experience leading project teams, primarily in the private sector.

Program Director Craig Jackson focuses on information security program development and governance, cybersecurity assessment design and conduct, legal and regulatory impact on information security and cyber resilience, evidence-based security, and innovative defenses.

Administrative Director Leslee Bohland has more than two decades of experience in management and accounting.

Chief Security Analyst Susan Sons focuses on secure software engineering, ICS/SCADA security, operational security practice for research and development organizations, and security for legacy technologies in high-stakes applications. She serves as information security officer for Open Science Grid and deputy director of the ResearchSOC.

Chief Security Analyst Mark Krenz focuses on cybersecurity operations, research, and education. He has more than two decades of experience in system and network administration and serves as the CISO for the ResearchSOC and deputy CISO of Trusted CI.

Senior Security Analyst Anurag Shankar provides leadership in regulatory compliance (HIPAA, FISMA, and DFATS) and cybersecurity risk management. He has over two decades of experience in providing research computing services and building HIPAA-compliant solutions for biomedical researchers.

CACR Staff

CACR staff help manage the daily operations of the center. CACR staff includes administrative, management, and external relations support, as well as security and policy analysts.

  • Ishan Abhinit  |  Senior Security Analyst
  • Emily K. Adams  |  Principal Security Analyst  |  CACR CISO
  • Diana Cimmer  |  Events & Communications Manager
  • Adrian Crenshaw  |  Senior Security Analyst
  • Austin Cushenberry  |  IT Support Specialist
  • Josh Drake  |  Senior Security Analyst
  • Will Drake  |  Senior Security Analyst
  • Tom Edelberg  |  Research Associate
  • Ryan Kiser  |  Senior Security Analyst
  • Tori Richardson  |  Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Ranson Ricks  |  Senior Project Manager
  • Scott Russell  |  Senior Policy Analyst
  • Zalak Shah  |  Senior Security Analyst  |  Asst. CACR CISO
  • Mike Stanfield   |  Senior Security Analyst

Fellows and Key Liaisons

CACR has more than a dozen Fellows. Each one brings unique insights and connections to the center, allowing it to capitalize on the interdisciplinary strengths of IU and the broader community. Fellows represent a wide range of perspectives, including law, policy, ethics, and informatics.

  • Mark Bruhn  |  IU Assurance and Public Safety (retired)
  • L. Jean Camp  |  IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
  • Fred H. Cate  |  IU Maurer School of Law
  • Damir Cavar  |  IU College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Linguistics 
  • Robert Cowles  |  Brightlite Information Security
  • Rachel Dockery  |  IU Maurer School of Law
  • Arjan Durressi  |  IUPUI Department of Computer and Information Science
  • David P. Fidler  |  IU Maurer School of Law
  • Grayson Harbour  |  Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, Indianapolis 
  • Daniel Hickey  |  IU School of Education
  • Apu Kapadia  |  IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering 
  • Asaf Lubin  |  IU Maurer School of Law 
  • Nicholas Multari  |  Pacific Northwest National Lab, Washington
  • Steven Myers  |  Formerly of IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering 
  • Scott Orr  |  IUPUI School of Engineering and Technology
  • Sagar Samtani  |  IU Kelley School of Business
  • Scott J. Shackelford  |  IU Kelley School of Business
  • Robert Templeman  |  Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division
  • Joseph Tomain  |  IU Maurer School of Law
  • XiaoFeng Wang  |  IU Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
  • Xukai Zou  |  IUPUI Department of Computer and Information Science

Trusted CI Fellows 2019–20

Trusted CI Fellows empower members of the scientific community with basic knowledge of cybersecurity and the understanding of Trusted CI’s services, and then have them serve as cybersecurity liaisons to their respective communities. 

  • Smriti Bhatt  |  Texas A&M University-San Antonio
  • Shafaq Chaudhry  |  University of Central Florida
  • Laura Christopherson  |  RENCI
  • Tonya Davis  |  Alabama A&M University
  • Luanzheng “Lenny” Guo  |  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Matias Carrsco Kind  |  National Center for Supercomputing Applications
  • Gabriella Perez  |  University of Iowa
  • Jerry Perez  |  University of Texas at Dallas
  • Aunshul Rege  |  Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University
  • Chrysafis Vogiatzis  |  North Carolina A&T State University
  • Songjie Wang  |  University of Missouri
  • S. Jay Yang  |  Rochester Institute of Technology

Other IU Cybersecurity Community Members


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