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(Jet)streaming in the classroom and around the world


D. Sarah Stamps runs an EarthCube Cloud-Hosted Real-time Data Services (CHORDS) portal for the geosciences on Jetstream virtual servers, enabling her research of an active volcano in Africa to continue in the U.S. Accessible, real-time data facilitated by CHORDS using Jetstream is a critical step in a complicated data-gathering process. Stamps and her team continue to monitor volcanic activity in Tanzania while working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Using the CHORDS tool in Jetstream for streaming real-time positioning data has allowed my research group to manage a distant network with ease.” – D. Sarah Stamps, assistant professor of geophysics, Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences

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Jetstream in the classroom

Doane University, a small university in Crete, Nebraska, used the Jetstream cloud in the computational biology classroom to help students understand the scope of bioinformatics. Before Jetstream, students accessed virtual machines that often took up too much memory on their laptops; now, it’s easy.

“I can just create a virtual machine; everyone logs into the web browser so it’s not using a lot of memory. Jetstream makes it so much easier to get everybody up and running.” – Erin Doyle, professor of biology, Doane University

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Powering research at an HBCU

Jetstream powers the lab of Maira Goytia at Spelman College, where she and undergraduate researchers analyze large sets of transcriptomic and genomic data, to explore the diversity of Neisseria bacteria species. Spelman College is an all-women historically black college/university (HBCU) in Atlanta that benefits greatly from having access to a resource like Jetstream.

“The students in my team at Spelman [an all-women HBCU] learned to be comfortable with large datasets, analyze them, and to find new avenues to further our research program.” – Maira Goytia, assistant professor in the Department of Biology at Spelman College

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