Nick Blundell is a senior studying Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He chose to write A Critique of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret because of his concerns with advocacy journalism installing new sources of information asymmetry in the pursuit of dismantling the original asymmetry. In his free time, Nick enjoys stressing about his life.
Jordan Crabtree is a senior studying Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He chose to write Sugar because of his interest in human evolution, specifically about the changes that occurred from divergences like changes in our diets. From these changes, sugar caused a major shift away from our ancestors, that unfortunately we pay for today by consuming in excess. On the side, Jordan is legally licensed and certified to open a restaurant for the next two years.
Jennifer Cunningham is a senior studying Media Advertising. She chose to write The Afterlife of Secondhand Clothing after discovering, through her own actions and the investigations of others, how wasteful secondhand garment programs really are. Outside of school, Jennifer enjoys watching The Emoji Movie. She has seen it nine times.
Celia Dawson is a senior studying Political Science with a minor in Latin-American and Caribbean Studies. She chose to write The Craft Beer Conspiracy because of her love of beer,  including everything from PBR to IPAs, and fascination with craft beer production and culture. Celia has first-hand experience working in the beer industry with her job at Brother’s Bar and Grill, where she hosts a beer pong tournament every Wednesday evening.
Bryn Eudy is a senior studying Public Relations. In addition to being a student at IU, Bryn has studied abroad in both Beijing and London. She chose to write Food Pantry because of her fascination in the sociology of food and nutrition.
Valerie Harants is a senior studying Psychology with a minor in Italian. She chose to write Fashion Waste Cycle because of her discovery that her participation in America’s consumerist culture contributed to climate change more than she realized. She wanted to investigate how to become a more responsible consumer and share that insight with others. In addition to her love of fashion, Valerie helped author a children’s book during her internship in Milan.
Heather Hunter is a senior studying English. She chose to write A Natural Process because she is fascinated with using food as a lens through which to view history and modern social issues. In her free time, Heather also enjoys tea, good books, and cooking with foods with a transparent origin. This, along with her general interests in healthy living and food evolution, are major factors for why she chose to write A Natural Process.
Calvin Isch is a senior studying Cognitive Science. Growing up on a Hoosier homestead farm, Calvin has long since wondered how farming has evolved across time and how consumer decisions shape that evolution. He explored these questions in his essay From Farm to Factory. Calvin loves rock-climbing and plans to ascend El Capitan in the next few years.
Noah London is a senior studying Media Advertising. He chose to write The Grocer’s Dilemma because he is fascinated with the manners in which food producers attempt to mitigate the waste they produce. When Noah isn’t thinking about waste associated with food production, he likes to collect bones.
Neal Patel is a senior studying Neuroscience. He chose to write The War on Waste: How a Midwest University is Combating Wasteful Food Practices because after living on campus in a residential hall for three years, Neal wanted to investigate the behind-the-scenes occurring at IU’s dining facilities, specifically related to sustainability and waste production. When he isn’t exploring university functions, Neal enjoys playing volleyball with friends and expanding his palate by finding new places to eat food.
Courtney Seigel is a senior studying Neuroscience. She chose to write Dark Chocolate because of her general interest and habits consuming dark chocolate. She decided to investigate the subject further and share her insights with others. Courtney regularly enjoys running and cycling.
Olivia Shoemaker is a senior studying International Studies with a minor in German. She chose to write Beyond the Burger because of her experience working on a local organic farm. Working on the farm sparked her interest in sustainable agriculture and food accessibility, leading to her desire to pursue the idea of alternative meat, its implications, and its opportunities.
Ahaan Singhal is a senior studying Biology. He chose to write Vegan Diets because of his interests in health, fitness and nutrition closely tied to his pursuit of a career as a physician. In addition to his scientific interest with fitness, Ahaan is also a rider in the Little 500 bicycle race, the largest collegiate bike race in the United States.
Chelsea Theobald is a senior studying Psychology with a Clinical Psychological Science Certificate. She chose to write Fair Trade Coffee because of her deep affection for coffee. Because coffee plays such a large role in her life, she investigated the production of coffee: where it comes from and any previously-unknown costs associated with coffee consumption. As part of her college experience, Chelsea studied abroad and traveled across eighteen European countries, enjoying coffee in every single one.
Amna Yaqub is a senior studying Biochemistry with a minor in Biotechnology. She chose to write CBD – Cure or Conspiracy because of the research she studies in her lab position on campus. She works with the endocannabinoid system, so she became interested in investigating the subject further, especially because of the large increase in CBD-related products for sale today. Amna will be attending medical school next year and is an active member of the Harry Potter Society at IU.


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