1 About HANDS in Autism

The HANDS in Autism® Interdisciplinary Training and Resource Center was founded in 2004 to extend community outreach and training efforts regarding autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health and the IU School of Medicine.


To provide unique learning opportunities designed to improve understanding of the process and ability to work with individuals with ASD and a range of social, communication, developmental, and behavioral challenges through hands-on and coaching experiences and building bridges of information, resources and collaboration across family, educational, medical and community systems.


To build local capacity statewide and beyond through continuous learning and demonstration of effective implementation of (1) evidence-based practices in supporting individuals with ASD and other neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders across home, school, medical and other community settings and (2) regional community networks composed of same stakeholders bridging across systems and settings with a focus on shared responsibility for positive individual and family outcomes.

We provide the following range of services:


  • Carefully constructed informational materials, visual supports, and awareness media that are ready for dissemination in your community.
  • Website Subscriptions
  • Awareness Material Distribution: handouts, flyers, informational posters, and brochures
  • Visual Support Tools: customized toolkits, instructional manuals, and DVD’s

General Training:

  • Workshops, consultations, and online interactive modules that serve to increase autism awareness and provide training on specific strategies for working with individuals with an ASD.
  • Online and On-site Interactive Workshops
  • Online Interactive Modules
  • Live & Web-Based Consultations
  • Individual and Group Programming
  • Customizable Training and Consultation Packages

Intensive Training and Consultation:

  • Comprehensive, research-driven training focused on local capacity building and preparing individuals for direct and effective implementation of evidence-based interventions in their respective settings.
  • 3-5 Day Intensive Trainings
  • Collaborative Site Development


  • Informational Resources
  • Setting-Based Resources
  • Toolkits, Starter Packs, and Guides
  • Manuals
  • Single-Strategy Toolkits
  • Memberships

Next Steps™ Workshop for Families, Providers, and Individuals with ASD

HANDS in Autism® facilitates Next Steps™ Workshops in various regions across the state and covers a variety of pertinent topics including:

  • General information on autism spectrum disorder (ASD),
  • Information on Family Life,
  • Community Supports,
  • Rights and Regulations,
  • Treatment and Intervention,
  • Practical Strategies, and more!

This workshop which includes a free comprehensive manual, is sponsored by Kappa Kappa Kappa and is FREE to all participants attending! Email Hands@iupui.edu for upcoming dates!

Learn More about everything HANDS offers at our Website!



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