4 Rilee S.

“These pictures were taken by my 7 year old grandson, Rilee S., throughout his daily adventures. He carries his iPad with his Alternative /Augmentative Communication app downloaded on it EVERYWHERE, and captures his world with it’s camera. We LOVE to see his world through HIS eyes, especially since he is non-verbal and can’t tell us about his day and what he finds captivating.”

Rilee S., Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, photography
Rilee S., Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, photography: Another favorite photo op for Rilee is mealtime. He will bring cars, toys, etc to the table and take photos of them as he eats. Sesame Street pals are always welcome at his table!
Rilee S., 'Mater, photography
Rilee S., ‘Mater, photography: Rilee is fascinated with cars: Matchbox, Hot Wheels, all cars. One of his very favorite is Mater, and he repeatedly places his Mater in the same spot for special “photo ops”. He has many, many photos of Mater. This close up is a favorite.
Rilee S., My Selfie Game is Strong, photography
Rilee S., My Selfie Game is Strong, photography: Rilee LOVES selfies… he looks through them over and over. He was especially intrigued with himself when he first got his glasses. They made him smile!


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