1 2021 Highlights

CACR’s SecureMyResearch achieved rapid service adoption and is providing support for a quarter of all IU faculty and counting.

CACR partnered with OmniSOC to introduce virtual cybersecurity services to OmniSOC member institutions.

Along with Trusted CI, CACR hosted the first public annual NSF Cybersecurity Summit with more than 325 registrants.

CACR conducted Principles-based Assessment for Cybersecurity Toolkit assessments for HathiTrust Research Center and NOIRLab.

CACR staff provided consulting to researchers in the Office of Research Administration on Department of Defense contracts that involve Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Along with CyberCorps, CACR awarded an NSF supplement grant that will help IU train the next generation of AI and cybersecurity professionals via the Scholarship for Service program.

The CACR Speaker Series hosted nine sessions with an average attendance of 45.

In partnership with other universities, CACR led a workshop that aimed to produce a multi-campus data collection and sharing infrastructure.

Key numbers

  • $94.9M in lifetime regional economic impact
  • $45.2M in lifetime award dollars
  • $130M in IU research, 460 researchers, and 100 departments served by SecureMyResearch
  • 4 NSF major facilities served by ResearchSOC
  • More than 1000 downloads of the Trusted CI Framework Implementation Guide


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