3 Leading Indiana to a more secure future

In 2021, CACR continued to increase engagement and bring value to the Hoosier state. Introduced in Indiana’s Executive Council on Cybersecurity’s State of Cyber Report, CACR initiatives proved to be an integral piece in advancing the state’s leadership in cybersecurity. CACR is also a driver for economic growth in South Central Indiana and contributes to southeast Indiana’s job growth, both directly and indirectly.

Securing the Hoosier vote

The CACR-led IU team completed its election security project in early 2021–an effort that trained more than 30 county officials in developing and executing cybersecurity incident response plans and playbooks. Over the course of this initiative, the team disseminated materials and held bootcamps around the state for developing incident response plans. They also conducted training on media interaction. The effort was in collaboration with the Indiana Secretary of State and included students through the IU Cybersecurity Clinic.

Partnering with Indiana Economic Development Corp (IEDC)

Indiana businesses are struggling with cybersecurity, and business leaders need sufficient cybersecurity knowledge to make sound decisions regarding cybersecurity priorities and investment. Through the IEDC and Chief Executive Group, CACR presented masterclasses for business leaders in 2021 and will continue to provide training specifically aimed at helping senior executives understand fundamental cybersecurity concepts, so that they can communicate, strategize, and make decisions.

CACR and NSWC Crane: An ongoing partnership

CACR and NSWC Crane continue to work to improve capabilities in areas such as software assurance and trusted artificial intelligence. CACR established a working relationship with Crane’s new liaison to Indiana University, Alison Smith. In October, Program Director Craig Jackson presented a well-received session titled “Practical Cybersecurity” to the Department of Defense and Defense Industrial Base stakeholders. This presentation introduced CACR’s PACT assessments and C4L training.

Conducting Security Matters Cybercamps

In June 2021 and in partnership with Wonderlab in Bloomington, Indiana, CACR held a virtual Security Matters Cybercamp for middle and high school students. The five-day camp session topics included network security, cryptography, data forensics, website vulnerabilities, and more and was attended by 20 students from across 5 states. CACR also co-hosted a one-day in-person and virtual Security Collaboration Matters Cybercamp for college students with Indiana University’s Center of Excellence for Women & Technology.




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