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When you step onto our campus even for a minute, you’ll see the shirts that read, “KEY.” You might walk by the KEYpad and see students collaborating on projects or just having fun. And you’ll hear about our KEY trips…a lot.

The Kokomo Experience and You was created to send you out into the world: to see, do, and get a feel for your future. Trips are usually free and designed for you.



Students have traveled to New York City to experience the Big Apple and see historic landmarks, visited a DEA office in Chicago to get an inside look at criminal justice careers, road tripped to Bradford Woods for a writing retreat, made art from nature, experienced team building on a ropes course, and so much more.

KEY trips are fun, super informative, and provide experience beyond the classroom!

  • While some trips are tied to specific classes, many are open to any student, no matter their course of study.
  • Most KEY trips are free for students.
  • Our KEY program extends past the trips to become a supportive network of faculty and staff who are cheering on your success.
  • Collaborate on projects in our KEYpad – a space designed to enrich your KEY experience.

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