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13 Delivering Affordability and Outcomes: McGraw-Hill Perspective

William (Bill) Okun, President of Higher Education, McGraw-Hill Education
Alfred (Al) Essa, Vice President of Analytics and R&D, McGraw-Hill Education



At McGraw-Hill, we’re focused on student success and unlocking the potential of every learner. To do that, we believe you need to provide great products and service that drive outcomes at an affordable price.

Price is only one part of that equation, though. To create real value, you need to balance offering lower-cost options with preserving academic freedom and delivering meaningful outcomes.

That’s why we’ve built our whole strategy around “Affordability & Outcomes,” and why we’re partnering with respected institutions like Indiana University and organizations like Unizin to deliver on our promise of helping students succeed.

We believe that successful partnerships must be grounded in aligned purpose, mutual respect, open and honest dialogue, and a deep understanding of what constitutes a “win-win-win-win” relationship—for students, educators, the institution, and the publisher. These factors define our relationship with IU and Unizin. We’re confident that, together, we’ll produce creative solutions, evolve these solutions as we learn, and deliver real impact to all of our stakeholders. We couldn’t be more excited about working together to deliver our best on behalf of students and educators.



Indiana University and Unizin lead the higher education community in using data and advanced analytics to improve learner outcomes. As we continue to innovate and drive the utilization of digital learning solutions, we’re excited about the opportunity to partner with IU and Unizin in using new analytic techniques to unlock the full power of personalized instruction.

Adaptive learning systems, for example, can tailor instruction to the needs of individual students “just-in-time,” meaning when and how they need it. Advanced analytics can also provide deep insights into learner behaviors and performance, so faculty can target feedback and instruction at the individual level. IU and Unizin are building out many aspects of the critical infrastructure required for advanced analytics.

We look forward to supporting these projects and collaborating on learning analytics research, so every student—no matter who they are or how they learn—has the opportunity to succeed.


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