The following individuals made significant contributions to this volume.

Serdar Abaci, Educational Research and Evaluation Specialist, Learning Technologies, UITS, Indiana University

Annette Beck, Director, Enterprise Instructional Technology, Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology, University of Iowa  

Dan Calarco, Chief of Staff, Office of the Vice President for IT and CIO, Indiana University

Gary Dunham, Director of Indiana University Press and Digital Publishing

Sarah Engel, Editor in Chief, IT Communications Office, UITS, Indiana University

Mark Goodner, Principal Business Analyst and Faculty Consultant, IU eTexts, UITS, Indiana University

David Goodrum, Director of Academic Technology, Oregon State University

John Gosney, Director of Faculty Engagement and Outreach, Learning Technologies, UITS, Indiana University

Kristi Jensen, Program Development Lead, eLearning Support Initiative, University of Minnesota Libraries

Michele Kelmer, Manager, Digital Education Programs & Initiatives, UITS, Indiana University

David W. Lewis, IU Assistant Vice President for Digital Scholarly Communication and Dean of the IUPUI University Library

Maria Morris, Manager of Creative Direction, IT Communications Office, UITS, Indiana University

Anastasia Morrone, IU Associate Vice President for Learning Technologies; Dean of Information Technology, IUPUI; Professor of Educational Psychology, IUPUI School of Education

Stephanie Orr, Director of Learning Experience, Office of Distance Education and eLearning, Ohio State University

Brian Richwine, Manager, UITS Adaptive Technology and Accessibility Center at IU Bloomington

Brad Wheeler, IU Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer; Professor of Information Systems, IU Kelley School of Business


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