In 2010 I began teaching Black Markets: Supply and Demand in Indiana University’s Liberal Arts and Management Program (LAMP). The Carnegie Foundation recognized program augments liberal arts degrees with an honors business certificate. As an instructor in this multi-disciplinary program, I have the privilege of engaging high-performing students in a topic that bridges disciplines and provokes lively discussion and strong opinion. It has been clear to me that my students’ viewpoints deserve wider attention; their thinking and concerns are the dawn of our world’s future.

This volume highlights student-author perspectives gleaned from a semester’s discussions, research, and writings. At the outset of the 2018 fall semester, I challenged each of my students to write a publishable piece of writing, publishable following and according to a rigorous peer review by the class and me. The students had wide latitude as far as genre, but all works had to be well-researched, go through a desk review by me, a full peer review of the class, and one-on-one final revisions and editing. Each author then decided whether to actually publish in this volume: they all uploaded their work for you.

I am proud to have taught and worked with these authors. Please enjoy the wide-ranging perspectives presented in this volume.

—Michael Morrone


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