8 Adopting a digital learning tool

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After carefully considering your options, you’ve decided to adopt a ! You think your course is due for a refresh, and you love the adaptive learning tools and immediate feedback available to your students when you use a .

You take a look through the to find out which are available, and when you’ve made your decision, you make sure that the is open. You’re in luck, so you head over to the to place your order for the upcoming semester.

As the reminds you before checking out how much your students will save, you feel great! You’ve done your part to make higher education more affordable, and you couldn’t be happier.

 Order a digital learning tool (DLT)

1. Visit etexts.iu.edu and click to browse available DLTs.

2. When you’re ready to order, confirm that the is open.

3. Visit etexts.iu.edu and click . Select your class, select your DLT*, and check out.

If you can’t find your DLT, we can help! Submit a content request in the .


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