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It’s your first time assigning a digital textbook, so you decide to try out a digital version of the content you’re already familiar with. You see that the IU eTexts program offers content from your usual publisher at a cost much lower than retail — which is great!

As you’re reading about the program’s offerings, though, you start to wonder whether it might be a good idea to try out a for the first time. DLTs, which you’ve also heard referred to as “courseware“, offer a range of options in addition to a digital version of a textbook, from problem sets and adaptive learning tools to games and simulations, and even video feedback tools. Pearson MyLabs & Mastering, McGraw-Hill Connect, Macmillan LaunchPad, Cengage MindTap, WileyPLUS, and more are all discounted at least 25% off through the IU eTexts program. To help sort out your thoughts, you start writing out the benefits of both options.

similar to what I’ve done in the past can use built-in quizzes, homeworks, problem sets
can keep using my old quizzes/assignments can customize if I don’t like something
students can highlight, annotate, ask me questions students still get interactive etext
text is available offline available in Canvas/no access code
30% – 85% off retail price at least 25% off retail price

Feeling like you have a good sense what each option entails, you make your decision.


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