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You’re not sure you’ll have the time to work on your own textbook or to craft a new writing assignment for your students so this time you’ve chosen to assign an existing textbook. You’re thrilled to see that you have a lot of options for affordable content, and now you’re trying to decide which type you want to use. A digital version of the publisher content you’ve used in the past would give your students a lot of ways to interact with the content (by highlighting, annotating, or asking you questions within the text), which is really appealing to you, and a lot of publishers you’re familiar with appear to be available through the IU eTexts program.

You’re also seeing that the publisher environments you’ve heard about – “” – are actually available at lower costs. You spot a couple specific names on the IU eTexts website that your colleagues have mentioned in the past:

Then again, you’re also seeing well-reviewed content written by experts that’s completely free to use — and you really can’t argue with that price. Plus, even free content can include features for allowing annotations, highlights, and other forms of interaction. Given that all of your options would be available before the first day of class (and cost less!) you’re not sure you can go wrong.


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