3 Creating a new textbook

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You’ve decided that it’s time to take control of your content — you’re going to create a new digital textbook for your students! You can imagine a couple ways to get started, but you think it’d be best to consider whether you want to start from scratch or work from some existing materials. You’ve got a lot of great ideas that you’d love to share, but you also realize that editing existing content will take less time.

You read that is going to be your best option for authoring and editing texts, so you start to explore some etexts already available there:

You notice that some of the texts include interactive exercises at the ends of chapters, clickable glossary items, and collaborative annotations.  You also catch a couple of embedded videos and plenty of graphics. You can tell that Pressbooks will enable you to build engaging content regardless of the approach you take, and you’re excited to get started!


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