IUPUI Student Survey

Frequency of Instructional/Pedagogical Strategies

A Likert-scale from 1 (never) to 5 (every class) represents the frequency of instructional strategies observed in a spring 2018 course. The results of the student survey aligned with faculty perceptions, as interactive lectures (M=3.87) and discussions (M=4.01) were the most frequently used instructional strategies. Reconfiguration of classroom furniture was the least frequently employed instructional approach that students cited, with more than 60% of student respondents stating that the technique was either rarely or never used by their instructor (see Table 1).


Question Never Rarely Occasionally/ Sometimes Almost every class Every class
Discussions – The instructor engaged us in discussions about the course content 2.3% 7.8% 17.7% 30.7% 41.6%
Interactive lectures – The instructor presented course content with periodic opportunities for us to interact with the content 0.8% 5.8% 27.6% 37.5% 28.4%
Demonstrations and simulations of course content – The instructor showed us how a process works within a particular discipline 3.5% 12.6% 31.1% 32.6% 20.2%
Collaborative learning and group activities – As students, we worked in pairs or small groups to discuss course concepts, develop and integrate concepts, and/or complete assignments 8.9% 11.6% 26.6% 30.3% 22.7%
Case-study, project, and problem-based learning – As students, we worked on assignments that involved analysis of and reflection on complex problems or cases 7.8% 11.3% 33.6% 25.8% 21.4%
Lectures – The instructor presented course content with limited student participation 9.9% 23.9% 24.7% 20.4% 21.2%
Sharing of student work using technology in the room – As students, we had the opportunity to share our work electronically in class with our peers (e.g., Solstice software, group presentations) 22.9% 21.1% 26.7% 17.6% 11.8%
Whiteboards use – The instructor directed us to use wall mounted whiteboards or portable whiteboards for small group work 22.5% 22.9% 26.2% 15.9% 12.4%
Reconfigure classroom furniture – The instructor directed us to rearrange tables/chairs for purposes of discussion or collaboration 39.5% 21.7% 18.6% 11.2% 9.1%

Table 1: Frequency of instructional/pedagogical strategies the participants’ instructors used


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