IUPUI Student Survey

Problematic Classrooms at IUPUI, According to Students

(open-ended question)

All survey participants were asked if they found any classrooms on IUPUI’s campus to be problematic. If students responded yes, they were prompted to identify the classroom(s) they disliked and identify any issues they encountered with the learning space. A total of 335 comments were recorded and analyzed according to emerging themes. The classrooms spaces identified as problematic by students were situated within 1970s buildings on IUPUI’s campus that were identified as most in need of renovation, including Cavanaugh Hall, the Engineering and Technology Building, Lecture Hall, and the Nursing Building. A summary of findings is presented below.


Cavanaugh Hall (particularly the 2nd floor) and the Nursing Building (n=168; 33% participants):

  • Crowded learning environment (e.g., difficulty moving without disrupting classmates)
  • Limited physical configurability for large/small group discussions and seminars
  • Lack of windows and natural light
  • Uncomfortable seats
  • Desks are too small
  • Temperature issues (e.g., poor air conditioning, can be stuffy or hot)
  • Building disrepair (e.g., ceiling tiles are falling out)
  • Certain technologies are outdated

Business building (n=57; 17% participants) (third floor n=22; second floor n=16)

  • Crowded learning environment; students have difficulty exiting seating
  • Limited power outlets for student use
  • Rolling desks are too small
  • WiFi connections are “horrible,” negatively impacting lectures and student presentations
  • Temperature issues present within building (e.g., too hot)

Lecture Hall (n=47; 14%) (first floor was most frequently mentioned)

  • Limited power outlets for student use
  • Chairs are small, uncomfortable, stained, and broken
  • Air conditioning is loud and distracting
  • Inadequate space for personal items within classrooms
  • Reported difficulties in moving around
  • Tables are too small; difficult to take notes

Engineering and Technology Building (n=21; 6%)

  • Crowded learning environment
  • Tables do not offer much space
  • No place to store personal items
  • Uncomfortable chairs
  • Limited power outlets for student use
  • Reported difficulties in viewing board

Basement rooms (n=20; 6%)

  • Dim lighting
  • Tablet chairs are too small; difficult to take notes
  • Dated furniture
  • Crowded learning environment, which limits group discussion
  • Limited power outlets for student use
  • WiFi connections are poor


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