IUPUI Student Survey

Purpose, Method, and Participants


The purpose of the IUPUI Classroom Needs Analysis Survey, distributed to IUPUI’s students, was to gather the perspectives and experiences of students in IUPUI’s current learning environment.

The IUPUI Student Survey data was gathered by Tiffany Roman and the analysis and reporting were carried out by Meina Zhu, graduate research assistant in UITS Learning Technologies at Indiana University.


An online survey was delivered through Qualtrics to 6,551 IUPUI students in summer 2018. As of August 2018, 502 students had responded; data collection is ongoing to increase the response rate. Students who received the survey share a commonality in that they participated in a course that was taught in a designated Active Learning Classroom (Mosaic) in spring 2018. The survey questions asked students to speak to the instructional strategies employed by one instructor within the designated Mosaic classroom. Students also identified features of classrooms that they valued.


Among the 502 participants, approximately two-thirds of respondents (66%) were female. Most of the participants (89%) were undergraduate students (see Figure 1). The participants were evenly distributed among different grade levels.


Figure 1. Enrollment status of participants during spring 2018


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