IUPUI Student Survey

Reasons of Liking the Classroom

(open-ended question)

All students were asked to identify their favorite classroom at IUPUI and explain why it was their favorite. The top five favorite classrooms reported were: Business/SPEA 2001, Hine Hall 118, Business/SPEA 2005, Business/SPEA 2003, and Cavanaugh Hall 349.

Figure 4. Favorite classrooms on IUPUI’s campus, as identified by IUPUI students

A total of 359 comments and responses were coded into themes. Many responses were an elaboration of one or more of the options presented earlier in the student survey when students were asked to select desired features. The most common themes are presented below:

  • Comfortable chairs
  • High tech classroom with many screens
  • Enough space to write, move, and store things
  • Ability to move chairs around
  • Easy to see the teachers and projection screen
  • Easy to hear
  • No temperature related issues (AC/heat)
  • Access to power outlets
  • Desks/chairs easily regroup for individual and group work
  • Windows


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