Viewing a Certificate or Transcript

Once you have completed a course, IU Expand allows you to view and download your completion certificate as well as a complete transcript of your IU Expand coursework.

View Your Certificate

To view or download a certificate you earned for completing a certificate-based course, click the  Completed tab, find the appropriate course, and then click View or Download.

Screenshot of Student Dashboard with course list under the Completed tab and arrows pointing to the links to view and download the certificate.


If a course you completed is listed on the In Progress tab rather than the Completed tab, most likely you did not fulfill all of the course’s completion criteria (e.g., taking and passing a final quiz).

View your transcript

The IU Expand transcript includes:

  • enrolled, completed, and in-progress courses
  • number of credits you have earned
  • number of credits you have available to earn

To view a transcript (in PDF format), go to the top right of your screen, under your name and the dropdown menu, and click the blue PDF Transcript button.

IU Expand student dashboard with an arrow pointing to the PDF Transcript button


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