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This book began its life several years ago as a series of content pages in our LMS (Canvas) for an Online Course Design and Development Bootcamp course. It was an 8-week course for faculty where they read, watched videos, completed assignments, and interacted with the facilitators and peers as they might in a “real” asynchronous online course. The assignments involved building or significantly revising an online course they were going to teach within the next year.

We had been offering the Bootcamp three times a year for a couple of years when March 2020 happened. We had to help large numbers of faculty shift their courses online in less than 2 weeks. Once things calmed down, we knew we needed something more organized than what had just happened but also shorter and less in-depth than the Bootcamp. I had moved the Bootcamp content into Pressbooks the year before, so that book was copied and the editing began in earnest. The result of that editing down is what you see here. It lost a lot of its theoretical underpinning to become less academic and more practical. That summer we ran three sessions of intensive facilitated Bootcamp classes with many more participants than we’d had previously while building out a much more scalable, non-facilitated, option.

We’ve not run the 8-week or the condensed Bootcamp since and I don’t know when or if we will or what form it would take. But, the book is still here, and, looking at the analytics, there are still people inside and outside of Indiana University using it regularly.  As long as it’s of use, I’d like to keep it up and maintained. During the spring and summer of 2021, I’ll be revising to make things more post-COVID, add in some material that was edited out, and add some new material that I hope you’ll find helpful.

If you’re a return visitor and have pages in this book bookmarked or linked, I’m trying not to change page URLs but if something does break, check the Table of Contents at the top left and you should be able to find things.

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