8 Improve readability with headings

Heading on up

~10-30 min.

Organize your Canvas Page content (and make it look snazzy) using built-in headings to delineate sections and sub-sections. Besides visual appeal, this accessibility feature helps all students locate and make sense of information.

Get Started

  1. Click Pages then +Pages (note: if you don’t see +Page, select View All Pages¬†then¬†+Page).
  2. Enter a title [a] and then some text into the large text box [b]. Give the paragraphs section names.
  3. Highlight a section name and, from the editing tool bar, select Paragraph [c].
  4. Select the appropriate heading-level from the list: Heading 2 for top-level headings, Heading 3 for sub-headings, etc.
  5. Save when you’re finished.

Additional Resources

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