12 Create a weekly overview page

Show them the way

< 20 min.

Your students will almost certainly do better and be more responsive when you tell them what they’re supposed to do; this is about clarity, not “coddling.” By creating a weekly module overview page, you can reinforce how they’re supposed to navigate what to do next and decipher how the different elements of a module fit together.

Get Started

  1. Click Pages and then +Page (note: if you don’t see +Page, select View All Pages then +Page).
  2. Title the page [a] (e.g., “Week 1 Overview”) then write an overview, written or video, of the content your students will be learning that week [b].
  3. Make a list of tasks that they will be expected to complete [c] and Save.
  4. Make this page the first element in the module [d] (see Let’s do this! to learn how to add items to a module).

Additional Resources

How do I add and modify text in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?


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