23 Corona Virus and Staying Healthy

Social Narrative: Coronavirus and Staying Healthy

When people get sick or see others who are getting sick, they may feel afraid or nervous.

I might hear about getting sick with the corona virus on TV, at school, home or in other public places.

This may cause me to feel scared, nervous, or unsafe. It is okay to feel this way.

If I get too nervous or scared, I can talk to someone I trust. They can help me feel safe and share information that helps me understand the information being shared.

I can also do things to stay healthy. Here is what I can do.

  • I can wash my hands before I eat, after I visit the bathroom, or after I am in a public place, like at the mall, on a bus, or in a restaurant.
  • I can wash my hands with soap and lots of water and rub them back and forth.
  • I can keep my hands away from my mouth, eyes, or nose. If I need to rub or touch my mouth, eyes or nose, I can do it after I wash my hands.
  • If I need to sneeze or cough, I can cover my mouth and nose with the inside of my elbow.
  • I can ask not to give others high fives, shake others’ hands or make physical contact with others by hugging or giving kisses. I can still wave, give thumbs up, or talk to them.

Even if I do things to stay healthy, I may still get sick and have to go to the doctor or stay home. To keep others in my community safe from getting sick, we may need to stay at home and away from school, stores, movies and friends even if I am not sick.

Staying home will help keep others safe while we wait for the risk of the corona virus to go away.

People, including me, my family or my friends, get sick and are still okay.

If anyone I know gets sick, I can still take steps to stay healthy.

My parents will let me know when it is safe to go to school, stores, movies and see friends again.


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