20 My Mask Rules

My Mask Promises

I wear my mask

I wear my mask on my face

I cover my mouth AND nose with my mask

I am serious about wearing my mask

I keep my mask clean

Only I wear my mask

I bring my mask every day

Mask Rules

When I wear my mask, there are a few rules I need to follow.

Rule #1: Wear your mask on your face.

Rule #2: Make sure your mask covers your mouth and your nose.

Rule #3: Don’t be silly with your mask.

Rule #4: Keep your mask clean.

Rule #5: Don’t share your mask or trade with a friend.

Rule #6: Bring your mask to school every day.

My mask rules:

  1. Wear it on my face
  2. Cover my mouth and nose
  3. Don’t be silly with my mask
  4. Keep it clean
  5. Don’t share my mask
  6. Bring it everyday



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