24 E-Learning Days


This social narrative helps explain to students why they may need to do school work at home. If focuses on the ways in which may need to be completed, schedules and what to do if frustrated with a reminder that everything will be okay.

E-Learning Days Social Narrative

When school is closed, I will do school at home. This will keep me safe and healthy.

I will learn at home with help from my parents. I may use a computer, tablet, or paper packet.

I will have a schedule at home. It might be different than my schedule at school. This is okay.

I will have times to do school work, and I will have times to play.

When it is time to do school work, I will use my rules to participate and follow my schedule.

My work may be on paper, or on the computer just like at school.

If I get frustrated or need help, I can use a tool to stay calm:

  • ask for help
  • take a break
  • take deep breaths

I will check my schedule. It is okay that my schedule at home is different than my schedule at school. I can earn rewards when I follow my schedule.

I will do my school work at home. I may learn some new skills. Some new things I can learn are:

  • How to cook
  • Clean the dishes
  • My own laundry

It is okay to miss my friends and teachers when I am at home. I can see my teacher and friends online, call them on the phone, or write them a letter.

I will remember to follow my schedule to learn at home.

I am helping everyone stay safe when I do school at home. It is hard, but I can do it!

E-Learning Days Social Narrative (Simple)

I like routines.

When I am not at school, my routine changes.

This makes me feel sad, angry or worried sometimes.

It is okay to have different emotions about doing school at home.

Distance learning means I will learn at home.

Even when I am at home, I can still see my teachers and friends.

I may feel nervous about using a new device, or about talking on camera.

It is okay to feel this way.

I might do my homework on a computer, other device, or paper and pencil.

I will also have a schedule at home! This will help me learn.

Distance learning is different, but it can still be fun while I am at home staying healthy and safe.

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