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The novel coronavirus or COVID19 has spread so that the World Health Organization has declared a global pandemic. This can cause anxiety in anyone. The following social narrative can help you work with individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other related disabilities to feel more confident navigating public spaces as new safety measures are implemented.

Public Safety with the Coronavirus

People are getting sick with coronavirus.

Many people are worried about themselves and others getting sick.

There are many changes and new rules in place to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

I may see some of these rules at the store, restaurant or in other public places.

It might take longer to get to where I want to go. That is okay! It is best to be safe by following the rules.

I can follow arrows showing which direction to walk.

I can also keep myself safe by only touching the things I need to when in the store, restaurant or other public places.

I may need to stand on an X waiting in line to check out. These X’s are there to keep me 6 feet away from others.

This can help ensure that germs are not spreading between others and myself.

The cashier at the store may be behind a plastic shield.

This might make me feel nervous. This is okay. The shield is there to keep germs from spreading and people safe.

When I go to the doctor or clinic, they may take my temperature before going inside.

They may take my temperature in my ear or on my forehead.

This will not hurt and is okay! This will also help to keep everyone safe.

The store, restaurant, doctor’s office, or other public place may require me to wear a mask. This is okay. It is to help keep everyone safe.

If I already have a mask on, they may ask me to wear a different mask. This is okay! I can wash or sanitize my hands and wear their mask.

While many of these changes maybe scary, it is okay. When I follow the rules, I help to keep everyone safe.

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