12 Virtual Field Trips 

For many, going out right now simply is not an option.  To help plan a fun day that’s also educational, try taking virtual field trips! These trips allow exploration within the comfort of your or your students’ homes. With many virtual field trips, you get the opportunity to see things more in-depth while not worrying about keeping folks moving to get through.

Teacher tips

  • Virtual Field trips are a great tool to incorporate some fun, interesting learning into your routines.
  • Many museums, zoos and teaching sires have provided interactive experiences for students to do from the classroom or at home

Indianapolis Children’s Museum

While the Indianapolis Children’s Museum is back open for visitors, there are still many fun activities to do from the safety of your home! Explore fossils found throughout the state with a museum curator, take a minute look at each exhibit, listen to a story from former Indianapolis quarter back Andrew Luck and more!

Indianapolis Zoo

The Indianapolis Zoo is a great way to be able to see and help conservation efforts of various animals. While going to the zoo may not be an option right now (although they are open to the public currently!), there are a number of ways to be able to enjoy all their feathered, furry, and scaled pals. Check out the various webcams that the zoo has up and running!

The Indy zoo also filmed behind the scenes throughout quarantine.  Their videos done via Facebook live are still up on their Facebook page!

Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum offers a wide variety of exhibits about Indiana’s past, present and future. While closed, the State Museum has offered a variety of at-home activities on their website. From demonstrations to science experiences, looks at nature and art there is something for everyone!

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is a great place to learn more about the world around us. They offer a number of virtual field trips including the Secret Lives of Coral Reefs.  They offer their trips based upon grade band, or you can see what is of interest for your child/students.

We are Teachers

We are teachers is a website with numerous ideas, inspirations and giveaways for teachers. In addition to providing ideas for teachers, they have also shared some resources to help during COVID-19.  One resource is a virtual trip to see how slime reacts in space. To see what happens to our favorite liquidy-solid, take a look at their virtual trip! Additionally, they have compiled more trip ideas on their website.


  • What is one field trip you would like to take your class on?
  • How can you incorporate virtual field trips into your lesson plans?


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