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  • Feedback for student video submissions

Feedback for student video submissions


Giving formative feedback directly in students’ video submissions can transform presentational or demonstrative assignments. These timestamped comments, analogous to written comments on papers, contextualize feedback so students can immediately connect it with behavior. PlayPosit calls these student-submitted videos “Learner Made Bulbs.”

Creating a video submission assignment

  1. Create a Canvas Assignment and add Instructions.
  2. Access PlayPosit through “External tool” as normal.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the “ADD NEW BULB” button and select Add Learner Made Bulb.
  4. Enter the “Name…” (probably the same as the Canvas Assignment name).
  5. (optional) enter “Learning objective/instructions.” This text appears on the “Start” page after students click on the Canvas Assignment.
  6. (optional) Click Advanced settings to adjust point values and other options.
  7. Click SAVE, LINK, then the blue SELECT button.
  8. Complete the Canvas Assignment settings (e.g., point value and due date) and Save it.

Grading and giving feedback for student-submitted videos

  1. Open the Canvas Assignment you created above.
  2. Click MONITOR.
  3. Click the “Preview” button for the submission you wish to watch and comment on.
  4. Press the “Play” button.
  5. Add a comment by clicking Posting as [your name] in the interaction window to the left of the video; this will stop the video. Enter text, images, LaTeX formulas or record voice comments using the rich text editor (RTE).
  6. Close the browser tab where you have been viewing the video when you’re finished making comments. This should return you to the “Monitor” page you accessed above.
  7. Click the ENTER GRADE MODE button to grade the assignment. In the “Score” column, click on the number for the score. Alternatively you can enter a score for this assignment directly in Canvas Grades or using Speedgrader.



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