6 Sharing Bulbs outside of Canvas or IU

Assigning a Bulb without requiring log-in


Video engagement has abundant applications outside the classroom. For example, PlayPosit Bulbs can be used as interactive tours for prospective students or alumni or as supplemental materials to share at conferences. You also have the option for users to be completely anonymous and go straight to the bulb or to request that they enter a name.

  1. Login to PlayPosit (https://www.playposit.com/saml/2818).
  2. Click More buttons in the “Actions” column next to the Bulb you want to share. Select Assign.
  3. Click the text box under “Manually Added Class 1” and select a due date.
    Note: Learners can still access the bulb after the due date.
  4. Click LINK, then Advanced settings, and toggle “Do not require login”.
  5. (optional) Toggle on “Do not require learner name” for more anonymity or if user-specific responses aren’t needed.
  6. (optional) Toggle on “Show Embed Code” if you plan to embed the bulb on a webpage.
  7. Click the COPY button to copy the URL, and/or copy the QR code and share them with your users.



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