3 Make a NameCoach assignment

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“Say my name!”

< 10 min

NameCoach allows faculty and students to quickly and easily record their names in their own voice, so everyone will know how to pronounce them — no more awkwardness!

Get Started

  1. Select Assignments from the left navigation then +Assignment button.
  2. Enter a title [a] and the assignment guidance [b] (e.g., “Please record your name in NameCoach, so our class will be able to hear how you pronounce it.”).
  3. Choose External Tool [c] as the “Submission Type” and select Find [d].
  4. Select NameCoach Recorder [e]from the list, then click Select [f]
  5. Assign points (for motivation) and a due date and Save.

Additional Resources

Create a NameCoach assignment in Canvas


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