Stop #8: The Pedestrian Mall (Main Quad)

The main quad, or “Pedestrian Mall”  was completed as you see it today in 1998.  It extends from Mishawaka Avenue to the Schurz Library and is shaded by lines of flowering trees that turn the campus pink and white in the springtime. In the fall, the quad is home to “Welcome Week,” where our nearly 100 clubs and organizations come together to welcome students back to campus for the new academic year.

The line of boulders placed on the Mall was designed by sculpture professor Tuck Langland, who taught on campus for more than 30 year.  The boulders symbolize the “creation and attainment of knowledge,” beginning in front of the Schurz Library and culminating at the Administration Building, bringing to life the partnership and collaboration between all academic units and administration on campus. The boulders meet in the center to symbolize the central point of all campus operations: the students themselves. Professor Langland also designed the sculpture “Crossroads,” which rises out of the fountain at the center of the quad.

Only a few more stops! Continue to head towards Mishawaka Avenue and Stop #9, the Student Activities Center.


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