Appendix 4

Layne Evan Interview Transcript

Mary Parrett

Mary: What is your name and age?

Layne: Layne Evan, 19.

M: What is your stage name?

L: Amethyst like the stone.

M: How did you get into drag?

L: More of the LQBTQ community in Muncie, went to a drag bar and had a great time, met a queen, went on a date and then he decided to do it today- drag mom- teaches your ways.

M: How long have you been in drag?

L: 4 months

M: Have you made friends in this?

L: Mom- queens they taught hause- stoners. Fierce.

M: Where do you perform?

L: Be here now [DIY Music Venue in Muncie, IN], Roadhouse in New Castle, LGBTQ bar

M: Do you enjoy it?

L: Yeah its great.

M: What is the routine that goes into your drag?

L: 12- starts makeup (shave off eyebrow) glue on it and cover it with foundation (hours). Amazon-fashion nova. Group chat to collaborate songs.

M: Are people accepting of this?

L: Don’t talk much about it, friends are supportive, compliments and love.

M: Do you wish that there was more of a drag culture in Richmond? Or closer to home?

L: Yeah, Richmond doesn’t have that support.

M: What is your definition of drag?

L: The same as any performer, normal life, perform you have an alter ego- more confident with yourself and you find yourself. When people say if you do drag you want to be transgender, [it’s] not true, show the feminine. Outlet to show your creative side.


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