10 Interview of Alex Hakes

Ethan Scott

Alex Hakes interview . Full transcript available in Appendix 2.

This interview is a student named Alex who works, and studies here at IU East. And lives here in Richmond. With his permission I interviewed him about his homosexuality, and the LGBTQ community. Me, and Alex have been friends since the first few months of college.  This interview can be summarized in a few key words. Acceptance, and being true to yourself. Acceptance because his mother excepts his sexuality despite coming from a catholic, Hispanic household. Being true to yourself, because it’s your life to decide how to live it. Also, we touch on other subjects in the interview. Like the meaning of LGBTQ, and do you feel discriminated.

To be blunt I am not fluent in LGBT, and what being “queer” means. And I see this class as a way to better educate myself; in the LGBTQ community. Which is my main motive for choosing an interview. I believe that an interview holds the most weight regarding an archive, in my opinion. An interview is like a time capsule; someone who will take this course many years from this date. Will hopefully read this interview, so they can compare, and contrast how much has changed. And understand what the LGBTQ community was like now, as opposed to the future.

Some people would argue that religion, and homosexuality cannot coexist. I find that not only wrong, and offensive; but also, just plain ignorant. As stated in the interview above, Alex does not see a barrier between those two subjects, as other do. Life is about living life; why would some higher being care who you decided to share life with? And that is what I had hoped to achieve with this interview. To show the progressivism that the LGBTQ community is currently having.


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