19 LGBTQ Community Panel

April 11, 2019


Image of the Local LGBTQ Community Members Panel for April 11, 2019. Flier features rainbow colored background and the IU East Logo in the top, right corner. Flier says: Join us for the unveiling of the IU East LGBTQ archives as well as lively conversation with folks from the LGBTQ community in Richmond and the surrounding areas.

Click here to view the LGBTQ Community Panel. You can read the Transcript in Appendix 9.

Panel Participants are Lisa Marling (Ally, Nurse), JR Ridgeway (Army, Law Enforcement), Scott Tucker (Business Owner), Benjamin Guard (Student, Co-founder of SAGA at IVY Tech), Sue King (Navy Vet, Archivist), and Brent Walsh (Administrator, Earlham School of Religion). All participants identify as LGBTQ+ and currently live or is originally from Wayne County, Indiana and surrounding areas. Photos below…

Topics mentioned include:




Religion/Religious discrimination



Pride Events/Organizations

Rainbow Richmond


Diversity in the Classroom

Safe Spaces

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Coming out in the Military

Rural Communities

Panel Photographs:

Picture of Dr. Travis Rountree giving the introduction to the panel.
Dr. Rountree
Picture of Students Ethan Scott and Samantha Shockley talking about their experience with the class.
Students Ethan Scott and Samantha Shockley
Picture of the panel. Panelist Lisa Marling speaking.
Lisa Marling speaking (right)


Picture of panelist Brent Walsh speaking.
Brent Walsh speaking
Picture of JR Ridgeway speaking.
JR Ridgeway speaking
Picture of Scott Tucker speaking.
Scott Tucker speaking
Picture of Benjamin Guard speaking.
Benjamin Guard speaking (center)
Picture of Sue King speaking.
Sue King speaking
Group picture of the panelists.
Panel Participants


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