8 Interview of Alex Ferguson

Elijah House

Image of Alex Ferguson. Tall, African American male wearing cream colored shirt and white jeans.
Alex Ferguson

Today I interviewed Alex Ferguson he is a young African American male that goes to Indiana University East. Alex also is a track athlete, and he is a psychology major. Alex is gay, and he is a part of the LGBTQS Alliance at Indiana University East. It is hard for Alex to attend the meetings they have because of track and classes but he does try his hardest to come to these meetings. Alex has been gay his whole life, but he didn’t pick an age to be gay it was more on lines of knowing if he is sure about his sexuality. While growing up Alex already knew he was attracted to men, but he wasn’t sure until middle school. As, for being an athlete Alex really didn’t experience any hate or discrimination because everyone accepted him for who he was and what he likes. There are some incidents where his teammates may say some words that he finds to be offensive but there not specifically directed to him, it just may be a joke with them saying or just calling someone else a derogatory name and when he hears this he tells them how he doesn’t appreciate them saying it and can they use some other words, and his teammates respect it and don’t say those names around him.

Alex’s family kind of took the information of him being gay kind of hard at least his parents did. It took Alex three times to tell his mother because his mother is a very strong Christian. So, after Alex told her the first time, she kind of just stayed quiet for a while. What’s also interesting is Alex’s sister was a lesbian so, he did have someone that he can talk to about how his feeling when comes to with him being gay. Alex’s sister didn’t appreciate how their mother was reacting to them being attracted to the same genders. So, he sister argued with his mother to be more opened minded. After, this Alex’s mother was more fine with both Alex and his sister being gay, so, she started to ask him “What are you, what do you like” Alex would then respond with “I am me I’m Alex. I like what I like. I just find men attractive”. Alex’s mother then truly accepted him for who he was after this. Alex’s father how ever had the worst reaction because his dad would threaten him if he found out if he was gay, but as you can see Alex is still living and in good health. It did take Alex a while to be openly gay because he had to get comfortable with himself before anything. During middle school Alex did have the hardest time getting around and communicating with boys, reason for this is because at such a young age both boys and girls are close minded, and they say things purposely without worrying about how others would feel about it. So, Alex had to deal with kids making gay jokes and even straight people pretending to act gay. This was the most absurd thing Alex had ever experience.

While doing this interview I notice that there was a bunch of problems that were so repetitive for Alex, like people saying derogatory terms around or at him. As, I listen to him tell me this it truly made me feel made because I don’t think anyone should have to go through such hate and cruelty. I do want to do something about this, The LGBTQS community they deserve to be treated like everyone else a human being! One of the things I found really interesting was when Alex said “I am Alex I like what I like”  I find his saying so intriguing because usually when any person is asked what they are, they usually respond with “they are” or the label that society gives them for what they like, but for Alex he refuses to be labeled by society because then he feels that his identity would be lost.

Alex’s story should be heard to millions or other that were or still in his situation. Every gay or lesbian etc., should be opened about their sexuality and be proud of it because that’s what they like or are. No one should feel scared about what they like also the should not change for someone else’s satisfaction.


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