The idea for this collaborative project, featuring a mix of student research and primary source gathering, grew from the Indiana University Primary Source Immersion Program that Archivist Beth South and Associate Professor of English Travis Rountree both attended in July of 2018. This program connected faculty with special collection librarians and archivists in order to incorporate more primary source research into the classroom. Dr. Rountree and Beth would very much like to thank Meg Meiman, the Head of Teaching & Learning, at Indiana University Libraries, the Indiana University Archives, and the Lilly Library for hosting this program.

Dr. Rountree and Beth would also like to thank all the entities that sponsored the LGBTQ programming this semester: The IU East School of Humanities and Social Sciences, English Department, Composition Program, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Strategic Investments, Safe Zone, Alliance Student Group, and the IU East Campus Library, specifically KT Lowe and Frances Yates.

We would very much like to thank everyone who agreed to participate and be featured in this online collection. This is an open source collection and a very public platform to share your stories, so we are very grateful to both the students of ENG-W270 and all those who were interviewed, filmed, recorded, and/or photographed for this collection. The students of ENG-W270 who contributed to this archives are Elijah House, Ethan Scott, Jordyn Fitzgerald, Kaniyah Rush, Karleigh Caldwell, Kylie Brown, Mary Parrett, Samantha Shockley,  and Taylor Feix. Finally, thank you Abbie Sliger, who was Dr. Rountree’s teaching assistant, and a great support to the students.


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Acknowledgements by Beth South; Eng-W270 Spring 2019; Travis Rountree; and Abbie Sliger is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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