6 LGBTQ+ Connections at IU East

Beth South

LGBTQ+ Connections at IU East logo

LGBTQ+ Connections is a group made up of IU East faculty and staff, that was formed in the fall of 2020 in the wake of Covid-19 to help maintain a support system for IU East community members who are also members of the LGBTQ+ community. Founding members of the group were Chief Diversity Officer and Special Assistant to the Chancellor Yemi Mahoney, Student Advocate Cole Lane, Library Director Frances Yates, Asst. Librarian of Instruction KT Lowe, Asst. Librarian of Access Services Beth South, Coordinator of Library User Services Jesse Whitton, and Associate Professor of Special Education Josh Tolbert. Since 2021, Cole Lane has left and Visiting Professor of Music Nathan Froebe has been a member.


The mission of LGBTQ+ Connections is to combine the efforts and intersectional perspectives of students, staff and faculty of IU East to develop and promote LGBTQ+ events, access to information and welcome for the benefit of the entire IU East community.


The goals of LGBTQ+ Connections are as follows:

  1. To give students, staff and faculty a chance to work together to create and promote LGBTQ themed activities on campus
  2.  To offer LGBTQ students, staff and faculty and their allies resources, connection and community
  3. To promote LGBTQ information on campus
  4. To increase visibility of LGBTQ awareness on campus
  5. To maintain a student-oriented LGBTQ presence on campus via activities, online resources and information distribution


A blue tinted image of the Gay pride flag along a city street, with the LGBTQ+ Connections logo.
LGBTQ+ Connections first event: a meet-up with games and prizes. November 18, 2020.











Flyer for film showing event. Contains image of popcorn and LGBTQ+ Connections logo.
A Zoom showing of the film State of Pride on YouTube. Feb. 24, 2021.











A ribbon image in support of HIV awareness month, along with IU East logo.
In support of HIV awareness month, Feb. 2021.











Tinted blue image of the gay pride flag along with LGBTQ+ Connections logo and list of Spring 2021 events.









A special recording for GLSEN National Day of Silence April 23, 2021, featuring LGBTQ+ Connections members and IU East Title IX Coordinator, Tracy Amyx.


Flyer for National Coming Out day event
National Coming Out Day, October 11, 2021








Sponsoring a Red Wolves Women’s Basketball Game (November 8th, 2021)

Pep band members performing on the bleachers, showing off their rainbow colored socks.
Pictured: Nathan Froebe (centered) with the IU East Pep Band wearing rainbow colored socks.














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