9 Editing Course Listings


In the top section of the Details tab, you can control how the course appears in the IU Expand catalog.

As you fill in information about your course, you will see these changes automatically update in the Preview space on the right side of the screen. The Preview shows the dashboard card view of your course that is displayed to users in the IU Expand main catalog.


Listing Title

Use this to title your course. Here are a few requirements for course titles in IU Expand.

  • Spell out acronyms whenever possible. If the spelling is too long, use the acronym, but spell it out in the teaser to quickly assist non-IU audiences in determining whether they want to take your offering.
  • Avoid stating your school, location, or other redundant information in the title.

Screenshot of the 'Details' tab selected and an example Listing Title (Intro to Klingon)

Listing Image

Upload an image to use as the dashboard card for your course in the Expand catalog.

For best results, the image should be 768 pixels high and 1050 pixels wide.

Supported formats: PNG, JPG, GIF, and SVG

Screenshot of the Course Card section of the Listing Description

Image Tips

  • Choose a clean, simple image that is representative of your offering.
  • If your image is descriptive rather than decorative, add Alt Text.
  • If you are offering a series of similar courses, consider using the Expand “program” option to organize your series or use the same image for courses in the series.

Listing Image Attributes

Use this field to provide an alt-text description of your Listing Image.


Use this field to provide a brief summary of the course. This text is displayed on the dashboard card view of your course in the IU Expand catalog.

It is highly recommended that you limit your teaser to 40 words. Descriptions that do not fit will automatically convert the remaining text into an ellipsis.

Screenshot of Teaser descriptiion field

The dates that appear at the bottom of the dashboard view of the course are pulled from the dates entered into the Settings area of the Canvas course.

Removing the dates in this area will make the listing read as “Self-Paced”.Dashboard card with "Self Paced" highlighted

Days to Complete

If you leave this field blank, it will automatically display as “Self-Paced”. If you want to limit the number of days the course is available to students, include that number here.

Screenshot of the Days to Complete and Credits fields


Use this field if your course is being offered for a specific number of Continuing Education (CE) credits.

Enrollment Fee

Use this space to indicate the cost of enrollment in the course. The minimum cost is $10.

Screenshot of the Enrollment Fee field

Course Details

All courses in Expand are required to display the following information:

  1. About the Course
  2. Course Objectives
  3. Instructor Bio
  4. Instructor Image
  5. Length
  6. Department
  7. Credits
  8. Audience
  9. Contact information (email or phone to contact for course-related questions)
  10. Technology requirements (if applicable)



Use this drop-down field to select the appropriate catalog for your course

Screenshot of the Catalog dropdown menu


If there are multiple sections of the course in Canvas, use this drop-down to select the section you want Expand users added to

Screenshot of the Section dropdown menu


Use the drop-down menu to select the visibility for your course.

There are three options: Hide Listing, Show Listing, URL Only

  • Hide Listing – Use this setting if you do not want the course to appear in searches or via the direct URL link
  • Show Listing – Use this setting to make sure the course appears in the catalog and catalog searches
  • URL Only – Use this setting if you want the course to be available to users who have the URL and you do not want the course to appear in search results

Screenshot of the Visibility dropdown menu

List Order

Use this field if there are multiple courses in your catalog to determine the order in which they appear on your catalog page.

Screenshot of the List Order field

Listing Path

Type in a short title for your course (with no spaces) to create the course listing path. The listing path will automatically begin with your subcatalog title.

Click on the Copy URL button to copy the direct link to the course enrollment page for this course in Expand. This is the URL link you will provide users if you selected the URL Only option under course Visibility

Screenshot of the Listing Path field with the example 001-test

Student Cap

Use this field to limit the number of students who can enroll in the course

Screenshot of the Student Cap field


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