12 Using Training Session Manager to Manage Courses with Multiple Enrollment Dates

You can create one course in Canvas, but manage multiple date offerings for the same course using IU Expand’s Training Session Manager tool.

Edit the Course Homepage

This section can be skipped if you are starting from a course copy of another course using the Training Session Manager

  1. Go to canvas.iu.edu and click Create a New Course on the dashboard and fill out the details
    1. For Content License, select Private (Copyrighted)
    2. For Department, School or College (Required) dropdown, select IU Expand
    3. Click Create Course
  2. In your newly created course, click Settings
  3. Click Navigation

Scroll down and click the gear to the right of Training Session Manager and click Enable. Then click Save at the bottom of the page. You can also click Disable next to all other menu items up at the top if you will not be using any of them. You may choose to also enable the IU Photo Roster if you would like.

Fill Out the Training Course Metadata if you want it added to reports

If you want the course included in the reporting system, enter your course’s metadata in the form. If you do not want it included, skip this section.

  1. Go the your new Canvas course
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Navigation
  4. Scroll down to Training Course Metadata and click on the right and click Enable. Click Save at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click on the Training Course Metadata button on the left navigation menu.

Fill in the details for your course and click Save Changes.

Create the IU Expand Listing

  1. Go to expand.iu.edu
  2. Select Admin from the user drop down menu
  3. Click +Course
  4. Search for the newly created Canvas course by entering its name
  5. Click on the course to select it
  6. Click Create Listing
  7. Enter New Listing Details
    1. Open for Enrollment = Yes
    2. Cap = leave blank (enter course cap in the training session manager)
    3. Add a listing image (image size needs to be roughly 768 x 1050 pixels)

Make sure to select your department’s catalog. For the Section for New Enrollments, choose the Default section.

IMPORTANT: In the Full Description field, include this text, preferably at the end of your intended description text: #iptraining

Awarding a Certificate of Completion

If awarding a certificate, follow these steps to connect the IU Expand listing back to the Canvas course.

  1. On the IU Expand listing page, next to Listing Path, click Copy URL [it is a button that looks greyed out]
  2. Return to your Canvas course.
  3. Paste the IU Expand listing URL into the Certificate of Completion module.

Create Your Individual Sessions in Canvas

Create locations and sessions whenever you need them using the Training Session Manager tool.

Locations are added using Manage Locations and sessions are added using Create New Section. All previously used locations are saved to the dropdown for everyone to use, unless deleted. If you need to add an additional teacher, go to People on the course left navigation and click +People to add them to the appropriate section.

Make an Attendance Assignment

This section can be skipped if you already have an attendance assignment because you are using a copy of a course that was already set up for the Training Session Manager.

  1. In the Canvas course, click on Assignments on the left navigation. (It is fine if this is greyed out.)
  2. Click +Assignment to create a new assignment
  3. Enter “Attendance” as the title
  4. Fill out the settings: Points = 1 and Submission Type = No Submission.  Click Save.
  5. Click Modules on the left navigation.
  6. Click +Module and give it a title (such as “Attendance”)
  7. Click the + button to the right of the new module title. Select Assignment from the drop down and click Attendance in the box below. Then, click Add Item.
  8. Click the gear to the right of the module and select Edit.
  9. Under requirements, click +Add Requirement. Select Attendance from the dropdown. On the next dropdown, select Score at least and enter 1 in the box. Click Update Module.

NOTE: Don’t forget to publish the course, the module, and the assignment in Canvas. 

Print the Roster

  1. Go to your Canvas course. Click Training Session Manager.
  2. Click Download Roster. This opens a .csv file. Optional: edit the .csv file to include headers and an area for signatures.
  3. Print the .csv file.

Add Students Who Did Not Register

  1. In the Canvas Course, click Training Session Manager
  2. Click Add Students next to the session the student(s) attended
  3. Add their usernames. Note that IU users and Canvas guest accounts can be added (if one has been created ahead of time).
  4. Follow the prompts to validate the names.

Enter Attendance

  1. In your Canvas course, click Grades (it is fine if this is greyed out).
  2. Mark “1” for attended and “0” for absent in the column under Attendance. Note: the button in the top-right will allow you to sort by section.

This will automatically trigger the course to be “complete” for the student in Expand, so if you have created an associated certificate, it will be awarded at this time.

Use This Course as a Template

If you wish, in the future you can use the course you just created as a template. This will allow you to skip the steps of enabling and disabling navigation and creating the attendance assignment and module items.

  1. After you create a new course, go to Settings.
  2. Click Import Content into this Course. Select Copy a Canvas Course from the dropdown.
  3. Enter the Course Name of the course you have created using this guide (the one that already has the Attendance assignment and Module Items).
  4. Select All Content and click on Import. Wait for the import to complete.
  5. Make sure to go to the Training Session Manager and enter or edit to link your new course to the appropriate IU Expand listing. Note: you will still need to follow the rest of the steps in this guide in full).

Link for your website

On your website, where is says Register Here use the IU Expand course listing URL

  1. Go to expand.iu.edu
  2. Log in as an admin.
  3. Navigate to or search for your listing.
  4. Click the listing.
  5. Click Copy URL.


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