5 Administrative Permissions in IU Expand

In the MSA form, you will designate a Lead Catalog Administrator, the person with the administrative power over the catalog to add new listings, edit and delete course listings, and approve new catalog and sub catalog admin requests.

Other members of the team can also apply to become IU Expand catalog or sub catalog admins. To do so, each person seeking admin rights must send a request to iuexpand@iu.edu. The IU Expand Team will respond with a link to a request form for admin privileges. This form will be routed to the Lead Catalog Admin for approval.


The body of the form details the IU Expand Administrator User Agreement. It includes two sections: Policies Governing Access to Institutional Data and Privileges and Responsibilities as an IU Expand Administrator.

The following information will be collected:

  • Lead Catalog Admin Full Name
  • Lead Catalog Admin Email Address
  • Requestor Full Name
  • Requestor IU Username
  • Requestor Email Address
  • Requestor Job Title
  • Requestor Department
  • Requestor Office Phone
  • Reason for Admin Access Request
  • Catalog or Sub Catalog Requested
  • Any Additional Questions or Comments from Requestor

Once the Admin Request Form is complete, it will route to the IU Expand Team for processing. Please allow 5-7 days, as approvals are dependent upon replies from the Lead Catalog Admin. If you have not received an email confirming your admin privileges after one week, please reach out to iuexpand@iu.edu.


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