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Every IU Expand course is associated with a catalog. You can use your catalog to showcase and promote some or all of your courses on IU Expand. This chapter will explain:

  • What is a Catalog?
  • How to Use the Catalog

What is a Catalog?

An IU Expand catalog is a place to maintain the courses associated with a specific department/unit sponsor. Catalogs can be further developed through additional sub-catalogs as necessary.

Courses in a catalog can be offered individually, but can also be organized into programs (collections of courses that are offered together). Both courses and programs can automatically deliver downloadable certificates of completion to students that satisfy course requirements.

Catalogs are maintained by admins who are designated by agreement with IU Expand.

How to Use the Catalog

When a catalog is first created, someone in the sponsoring department will be designated as the Lead Catalog Admin.

Admins can:

  • Create new course listings
  • Control the publishing settings for the entire catalog and all the courses in it
  • View and download course analytics

After the MSA and SOW for the first course are accepted, each new future course in that catalog needs to be approved by submitting an additional Statement of Work form to OOE.

Contact iuexpand@iu.edu to request additional Statement of Work forms when you have a new course to add to your catalog.



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