10 Course Listing Standards

There are two types of course listings for Expand.

  • Level 1 Standards are for courses that expect a lot of traffic and a variety of audiences.
  • Level 2 Standards are more relaxed but still include pertinent information.

Level 1 Standards

Level 1 course descriptions must include:

Course Introduction A descriptive paragraph that introduces your course
Learning Outcomes What students will be able to do upon completion (2-5 outcomes are recommended)
Module Topics What content is covered in the course

Note: “Module” can be changed to “Course,” “Training,” etc.

Meet the Instructors A descriptive paragraph about the instructor, course creator, etc.

Note: “Instructors” can be changed as needed to “Course Creators,” “Department,” etc.

Length Estimate how long the course will take to complete
Department The department of the course’s origin
Credit This could be a certificate, a number of Continuing Education credits, or “none”
Audience This could vary from “everyone” to “incoming freshmen”


Here’s an example of a Level 1 course listing:



screenshot of a course with all the level 1 information

Level 2 Standards

Level 2 course descriptions must include:


Level 2 Course Description

Here’s an example of a Level 2 course listing:



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