About IU Expand

What is IU Expand?

IU Expand could be the best venue to help you achieve your project goals.

Indiana University’s IU Expand is IU’s portal to professional education. IU Expand delivers online courses to the IU community and the general public, including:

  • professional development
  • continuing education
  • certifications
  • special interest topics
  • micro-credentials and digital badges

How Does IU Expand Work?

IU Expand courses fulfill a variety of needs. Examples include: program orientation for incoming graduate students, cybersecurity best practices training for employees, and courses on topics that don’t fall into existing degree programs.

Every course in IU Expand is sponsored by an IU academic department or administrative unit. When a department or unit launches a course, a catalog is created for them in IU Expand, wherein they can publish all future courses. They can also package courses together into programs and offer completion certificates or digital badges to successful students.

There is no fee for departments to publish courses in IU Expand. If desired, courses may be offered with an enrollment fee. The revenue from enrollment in these courses is collected by IU Expand and divided 90% to the sponsoring department/unit and 10% to IU Expand to cover administrative costs, including paywall provider fees and the platform software annual maintenance fee.

Advantages of IU Expand

IU Expand has a number of advantages, including the ability to:

  • Provide users with certification or digital badging for course completion
  • Collect revenue for a course
  • Control the audience for a course (can choose to restrict users, offer to the IU community only, or offer to the general public)
  • Access detailed analytics on course completion and student engagement

Examples of Popular Courses in IU Expand

  • Teaching for Student Success: An Evidence-Based Approach
  • HIPAA Privacy and Security
  • Canvas Studio
  • IU History: Campuses & Context
  • IU Career EDGE

Is IU Expand Right For Me?

If any of these features sound like they are right for you, please continue reading to learn more about getting started in IU Expand.


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