Creating a Video Submission Assignment

It’s easy to create an assignment, either using the Canvas Assignment tool or the Discussion tool, where students submit a video to you directly or share with the class. Examples of assignments using student video include class introductions, student individual and group presentations, “on-location” reporting such as visiting a particular type of location or event, interview assignments or role-plays with pairs of students or demonstrating a procedure or activity.

Setting up an assignment using the Assignment tool

Using the Canvas Assignment tool, you set up the assignment as you would any other assignment just making sure to set the Submission Type to Text Entry. Even though Media Recording and File Upload seem like more obvious options, using Text Entry, allows students to use Kaltura to submit their video which will create a better experience for you when you are grading them. Using Kaltura, you can control the playback speed, see the video in full-screen, and, if you instruct students to edit their automatically generated captions, view the closed captions for the video.

Setting up an assignment using the Discussion tool

If you want other students to see the video as well and provide peer feedback, you can create the assignment using the Canvas Discussion tool. There is nothing different in the setup process as students can embed video in discussions by default.

Student instructions for submitting video assignments

Make sure to provide students with instructions on recording and submitting a video. You can’t assume that all students know how to do this already. Please feel free to share the links to the appropriate instructions below with your students.


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