Working with Video (Kaltura, Canvas, Zoom, and PowerPoint)

Creating a Video Submission Assignment

It’s easy to create an assignment, either using the Canvas Assignment tool or the Discussion tool, where students can submit a video to you directly or share it with the class. Examples of assignments using student video include class introductions, student individual and group presentations, “on-location” reporting such as visiting a particular type of location or event, interview assignments or role-plays with pairs of students, or demonstrating a procedure or activity.

Setting up an assignment that students submit to you (Canvas Assignment tool)

Using the Canvas Assignment tool, you set up the assignment as you would any other assignment just making sure to set the Submission Type to Text Entry. Even though Media Recording and File Upload seem like more obvious options, using Text Entry, allows students to use Kaltura to submit their video which will create a better experience for you when you are grading them. Using Kaltura, you can control the playback speed, see the video in full-screen, and, if you instruct students to edit their automatically generated captions, view the closed captions for the video.

Setting up an assignment where students share their video with the class

If you want other students to see the video as well and provide peer feedback, you can set up your assignment using either Canvas Discussions or Kaltura Media Gallery.  There are pros and cons to both methods.

The Canvas Discussions tool

  • allows you and your students to easily refer to other videos and comments within the discussion,
  • lets you  use SpeedGrader to be able to see all of a single students posts in one place
  • can take a long time to load a full discussion, especially on a slow or spotty internet connection

The Kaltura Media Gallery tool

  • allows you and your students to make comments at a specific point on any given video
  • uses less bandwidth since you are loading a single video at a time
  • does not provide a way to see all comments for a particular student in one place.

Using the Discussion tool

To use the Discussion tool, you can create the assignment just as you would for any other discussion. There is nothing different in the setup process as students can embed video in discussions by default. If you are wanting students to post a video in a group discussion, please see Video in Canvas group discussions. The integrated Kaltura tools are not available in group discussions but there is a work-around. If you do not have any students who require captions, and if you and your students are comfortable with their videos being stored on an Amazon Web Server where they cannot find and delete them, they can use the native Canvas Add/Embed video tool instead. Alternatively, you can use VoiceThread for video-based discussions in small groups.

Using Kaltura Media Gallery

If you have not already done so, the first step is to enable Kaltura Media Gallery in your course navigation.

To use Kaltura Media Gallery, you would create an assignment in the Assignment tool with the submission type being “no submission” and provide instructions for students to submit their video by sharing it with the course Kaltura Media Gallery. The instructions should include the specific naming convention you would like students to use for their video (i.e. their name, the assignment name, etc.) and anything that you would like them to add to the video description (i.e. anything that you would normally have them add in a discussion post).

Media Gallery Settings

In Media Gallery, both commenting and content moderation is enabled by default. If you do not want to manually approve every video added to the Media Gallery, you will want to disable the moderation setting. You can edit both the content moderation and the comments settings in Media Gallery by clicking on the Channel Actions button at the top right of the Media Gallery page and choosing “Edit”.


Setting up an assignment where students submit their video to you only

Submitting a video assignment

Make sure to provide students with instructions on submitting a video. You can’t assume that your students know how to do this already. Please feel free to share the links to the appropriate instructions below with your students.

Creating a video for an assignment


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