Personal video using Kaltura Express Capture

Using personal video in discussions or assignments is simple to do using Kaltura Express Capture. Note that Express Capture only works in a web browser (desktop or mobile) but does not work in the Canvas mobile app.

Record a Video Using Kaltura Express Capture

Kaltura Express Capture lets you record directly in your discussion post or an assignment set up with a text box for submission.

Click “Reply” under the discussion prompt or “Submit Assignment” for an assignment to get to the text box. You will see a text box with the Rich Content Editor bar above it.

To record and embed video using Kaltura Express Capture

  1. Click on the “Apps” icon at the far right of the Rich Content Editor tools (it looks like an electrical plug) If you do not see that icon at the far right, click on the three vertical dots (the “More” button) to open up an additional toolbar showing the Apps icon.
  2. Wait a second for the entire list to load.
  3. Click on the words “Embed Kaltura Media” – not “Kaltura Media Gallery.” IMPORTANT: It won’t look like you can click on “Embed Kaltura Media” because your mouse pointer won’t change to indicate that it’s a clickable link, but that is where you need to click.
  4. A new window will open showing all of the media you have in Kaltura.
  5. Click the “Add New” button at the top right of the new window and select “Express Capture.”
  6. Express Capture should automatically detect your default webcam and microphone. If you would like to use a different one, click the settings gear icon at the top right, and select the mic or camera you prefer.
  7. To record, click the large red Start button. It will count down 3 seconds before beginning to record.
  1. To stop, click the white square Stop button next to the timer that appears when you are recording.
  2. When you are finished recording, you can review your recording and choose to either use it or record again by clicking either the “Use This” button or the “Record Again” button below the video.
  3. When you have selected a video to use, click the “Save and Embed” button at the top right and your video will be placed in your discussion post or assignment. You can add any necessary text below your video and then click “Post Reply” or “Submit Assignment.”

Verify the Captions on Your Video

All video uploaded to Kaltura is automatically mechanically captioned using speech-to-text technology. If you’ve ever used speech-to-text, you know it’s never 100% accurate so you need to check your captions and edit as needed to make sure they are correct and not saying anything embarrassing. The mechanical captions appear fairly quickly on short videos once they’re uploaded. You can check them either in Kaltura: My Media if it is available in your course, or at Kaltura Mediaspace.  Instructions on checking and editing your captions are at Accessible Videos in this book.


Note on Video Processing

When a video is first uploaded to Kaltura you may see a “media is being processed” animation where you expect your video to be.

The longer your video is, the longer it will take to process. The video will appear once it has completed processing, though you may need to refresh your page to see it. You can embed a video that is still processing in Kaltura.


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