During the Semester

Creating a Knowledge Check with Quick Check

An example of a Quick Check

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a page with instructions and a video followed by the first of 4 questions

Quick Check is an IU-developed tool that allows you to put a short series of questions at the bottom of a page of text or video content in Canvas. Students can complete the Quick Check as many times as they like to master the content. You can pre-set specific feedback for each question to correct common misconceptions and direct students to specific points in the content to find the correct answer.

Quick Checks can either count toward the students’ grades or not at your discretion. Question sets are created by using the Quick Check tool, which you can enable in your course settings. They are then combined with your content in a standard Canvas assignment.

The video below provides an overview of the process of

  • enabling Quick Check,
  • creating a question set,
  • creating a Quick Check Canvas assignment, and
  • viewing student results.


For more about Quick Check, see the Quick Check documentation. For assistance with Quick Check, please contact your teaching and learning center.


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